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Singing with Hanoi Voices International Choir

by The Tay Ho Times on 28/01/2020

Hanoi Voices is an International Choir comprised of  Vietnamese and expat singers.  The choir was established in 2016 with the vision of creating a semi-professional choir with members who have had either musical experience and/or musical education. 

Known internationally and loved locally, Hanoi Voices Choir has repeatedly demonstrated it can reach high levels of musical achievement with an extensive  repertoire. The choir performs classical, popular, jazz and folk songs in multiple languages including Latin, French, German, Spanish, Vietnamese as well as English. With stylistic grace and an adventurous spirit, Hanoi Voices Choir has enriched and transformed audience’s lives with different styles and genres, always aiming to communicate, engage and entertain. This past season we sang Faure’s Requiem, parts of Handel’s Messiah as well as Beethoven’s 9th Symphony with the Vietnam Symphony Orchestra and four other choirs in Hanoi.

The choir performs throughout the city, in such famous venues as L’Espace French cultural center, the Goethe Institute, the beautiful Cua Bac Catholic church and the Hanoi Opera house. 

Although we all have our own work and families to take care of, this busy life doesn’t stop the Hanoi Voices from gathering each Monday evening. Singing in a big group is different than singing alone at home with everyone interested to make great music. The conductor keeps gives us precise instructions and expresses appreciation when we succeed in producing joyous and lovely sounds.

Hanoi Voices is led by the truly talented conductor and arranger Dong Quang Vinh, certainly one of the rising stars of the cultural community in Vietnam, Asia and around the world. Every year we do a concert with the famous bamboo ensemble he founded that has captured awards around the world for excellence in honoring the musical tradition of Vietnam. His wife, the gifted classical pianist and composer, Claire Shuangshuang Mo, helps manage the choir and accompanies the rehearsals and performances.

Singing with Hanoi Voices is more than just performances and practice. One of the reasons we join a choir is getting to know new people quickly and building friendships. Several members mentioned,  “Whenever I move to a new city, the first thing I would do is search for a choir. There I can meet friends who have the same love for singing as I do.” 

Our friendship develops with each performance. The conductor likes to challenge us with experiences like singing a big opera in French where we must memorize all the lyrics for acting on stage in the Hanoi Opera House. Once we learned a new Vietnamese song in two weeks to record at Tet for Vietnamese National Television. Luckily we have different nationalities in the choir, so there is always a native speaker to help with pronunciation!  It’s always exciting when the day of the performance arrives.

Hanoi Voices is always happy to sing for community events that serve others. Last year we performed in several charity concerts. Bringing happiness to others deepens our joy of music.

We are always open to new people who might want to join the choir. If interested, please come to an Open Evening on February 10th, 7:00 PM at the Erato Music School. Write to [email protected] to express interest and/or ask for more information. Also, check out the Facebook page for Hanoi Voices.

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