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Bookclub – The General Retires by Nguyễn Huy Thiệp

by The Tay Ho Times on 20/01/2020

When it first appeared in 1987, the title story of this collection by Nguyễn Huy Thiệp caused a sensation in Vietnam.

“Not since the Communist revolution had readers found as stark and compelling a view of their world as offered by ‘The General Retires’. Written in spare, succinct prose, it captures the despair of an old general who, after many years of devoted service to his country, is alienated by the emptiness of the society into which he retires and ultimately flees. Thiệp probes similar themes in the stories that follow, from Cun, the moving tale of a crippled beggar, to A Drop of Blood, a dark history of a family set against decades of war and revolution. With eight powerfully written stories, this collection offers unprecedented insight into a society trying to overcome and understand years of pain and civil strife” (

February 10 @ 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM

Meeting venue: De.Tầm Cafe 33 Phố Yên Thế, Văn Miếu, Đống Đa, Hà Nội

RSVP attendance: [email protected]

The Friends of Vietnam Heritage (FVH) has as its basic goal the preservation and advancement of Vietnamese heritage and culture. FVH is a non-formal group of mainly Hanoi residents from many countries —  including Vietnam — whose purpose is to enhance and deepen the understanding of Vietnam’s culture, and to help with its preservation.

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