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"Good Air" The story behind The Air Purifier - made in Vietnam

by The Tay Ho Times on 10/01/2020

Made from materials such as cotton, polyester and plastic, the majority of these masks are nothing short of a gimmick. Yes, they may prevent a large gust of dirt from entering your lungs, but in terms of air purification, these masks hardly fit the bill.

And what about inside the house, schools, or workplaces?

Even those lucky enough to invest in quality air-masks are still at high risk due to immense indoor air pollution.

Recently, the issue of indoor air pollution has catalysed a demand for inside air-purifiers, and despite there being a selection of quality air purifiers available on the market, most Vietnamese locals are unable to shell out the hefty price tag – with some costing up to $500 USD.

Citizens of Hanoi and environmental activists Ben and Phuc identified a major disparity between consumer affordability and product price, and quickly made it their mission to design and manufacture affordable air-purifiers marketed for the general Vietnamese population.

The pair soon founded their company, ‘Good Air Vietnam’, with the intention of providing sleek, simple and affordable air-purifiers made in Vietnam for Vietnam.  "We noticed that many machines sold by big companies are quite expensive for the technology that they use."

“We got our hands on as many air-purifiers as possible. When we took apart some expensive ones, we were surprised to learn that they aren’t drastically better than cheaper models, but their reputations and clever marketing drive up the price a lot.”

The duo then went through the process of creating several prototypes and testing out different models. Soon enough, they settled on a version that fit their criteria to provide clean air and look aesthetically pleasing whilst being more affordable than most models on the market, it is only VND 1.650 million.

We believe that increased education will pave the path to a greener, healthier and more sustainable Vietnam, and with younger generations becoming more environmentally aware, the future is shining brighter.

Look at it this way, owning an air-purifier is not much more than an antidote for the poison. The greater challenge, lies in prevention.  “We want to go to schools and start doing workshops to increase education about the environment and also about how to use an air-purifier correctly.

“For example, most of the older Vietnamese generations don’t fully understand that you need to keep your doors closed and insulate the purified clean inside air.  There are many easy steps you can take to change the way you live, and it’s all about education.”

“We are aiming to use social media as much as possible. It will take time, but if we can at least educate people then we are doing something right.

For more information please contact to Facebook/goodairvietnam

+ 84 865 74 815 or Email: [email protected]

Good Air - 2B Nguyen Khac Hieu Street, Truc Bach, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi

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