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by The Tay Ho Times on 07/02/2020

Helping You Get Fitter, Better and Stronger

For the last five years, Crossfit Tay Ho has made a comfortable home for itself in Hanoi secretly tucked underneath a k-Market. Every morning and evening, expats, locals, and travellers make their way to the “basement gym” on the corner of Xuan Dieu and Tay Ho Streets. You may have heard the clanging and banging of barbells drift up from the basement. Or perhaps you’ve been overtaken by a group of runners as they stampede down Tay Ho Street. But more than likely, you have walked right by without even knowing they were there. Crossfit Tay Ho has run quietly under the radar for half a decade. Not any longer.

As of February 2020, Crossfit Tay Ho has a bigger and better home at 34 Dang Thai Mai.

What is Crossfit
Crossfit is a lifestyle identified by safe, effective exercise and nutrition. Crossfit can be used to achieve any goal, from improved health to weight loss to better performance. The program works for everyone regardless of age, injuries, or current fitness levels. A Crossfit class lasts for one hour, and it is the aim to make it the best hour of your day. Every day is different, but you can always expect some form of focused warmup, skill or strength work, and a Workout of the Day (WOD).

Why Crossfit Works
The magic is in the movements. Workouts are different each day and modified to help each athlete accomplish their goals. Crossfit workouts can be adapted for people at any age and any level of fitness. You can expect:

- Constant Variation →  Different every day, and modified for you
- Functional Movements →  Safe, effective and efficient movements that translate to your everyday life
- High Intensity →  Intensity levels are adjusted to challenge you and safely improve your fitness

What sets Crossfit apart from other fitness programs is the individual exercise in a group setting. You can have an Olympian and a grandparent in the same class doing different variations of the same thing. You are all going through it together which brings a strong sense of community, not something you find in your typical ‘Globo-Gym’.

The Crossfit Tay Ho Community
Crossfit Tay Ho offers more than just a place to come and sweat it out - it is a home away from home. When you’re living far from family and friends and missing the comforts of home, the Crossfit Tay Ho community steps in. Members come from 23 countries and speak 16 different languages. There are teachers and lawyers and pilots and business owners that range in age from 18-60. Despite all of the differences, the community is united. Something about pushing yourself to the limit, and supporting others doing the same creates the tightest of bonds. Members train together and play together. There are monthly gatherings and athletes often travel around Asia to compete in various events. If you’re looking to find your place in Hanoi - let Crossfit Tay Ho be it!

The New Location
No more hidden basement gyms! Crossfit Tay Ho is now located in a newly renovated building on Dang Thai Mai. The upgrade is more than just the location -  the new space is bigger, newer, and filled with more opportunities for wellness. On top of the class space, there is an open gym area (space for you to do your own thing outside of classes), showers and changing rooms, a treatment room, and some space to chill out and relax post-workout.

It’s always a good day at Crossfit Tay Ho - find out for yourself!

As of February 2020, you can find Crossfit Tay Ho at 34 Dang Thai Mai. They offer multiple classes a day and a few different options for memberships. Check out more about them on their website, or shoot them a message at [email protected]

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