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Calling all Vietnamese Home Brewers!

by The Tay Ho Times on 04/02/2020

Written by Beervana Vietnam

For the next 20 years, Asia will lead the world in beer consumption and growth, but Asia has not yet made its mark in beer innovation. What original Asian beer styles come to mind? German lagers? Czech Pilsners? Belgian ales? Irish stouts? New England IPAs? Let’s change that. is pleased to announce the Brewing Project Vietnam, a national homebrewing competition with one aim – to popularize Vietnam’s first original beer style. Even better, we will fly the winner to brew their beer to a legendary brewery, then Beervana will import that beer back into Vietnam and distribute it nationally. It’s your chance to make your mark on the Asian beer scene! 

How do you qualify?

  • Vietnamese citizens only
  • Must be 21 years or older
  • The beer must have at least one natural Vietnamese ingredient (not including water)
  • Use an original recipe that you created and produced yourself, no ghost brewers
  • Submit 12 x 330 ml bottles or 6 x 650 ml of your beer within the submission window
  • Allowed up to 3 submissions per brewer
  • Note, we are open to any beer but we have a strong preference for beers around 5-7% ABV, perceived bitterness under 40-50 IBUs and SRM under 15 (consumer fit)

You’re in? Awesome! Here’s what you need to do:

  • Now: Contact us on Fanpage at @Beervana.VN (Beervana Vietnam) or at [email protected] to register, and we’ll send you the registration form and agreement.
  • Now: start developing and perfecting your beer!
  • January 1-February 28, 2020 beer submission: submit your beer to Beervana
  • Early March the Brewing Project Vietnam Judging: we will hold a closed-door beer judging during the day. Since there is no style guideline for the competition, the beer will be blind judged on “best in show” criteria under BJCP judging rules. Five judging groups will each recommend one beer to make it to the second round of judging. All judges will taste the final 5 beers selecting one overall winner and an honorable mention for second place.
  • Mid-March, Brewers Reception: after the judging we host all contestants for a brewer’s reception to announce the winner. You’ll also get a chance to sample the submissions.

From there, Beervana will work with artists to develop a beer label for the winning beer, and prepare
to fly overseas! Contact us now to register.

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