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How to Stick to New Year’s Resolutions and Finally Achieve Your Goals

by The Tay Ho Times on 16/02/2020

By Fiona To

It’s the start of 2020 and we’re all thinking about what we want to accomplish this year. Well, kind of. Living in Hanoi gives us the luxury of waiting until after Tet to start our New Year’s Resolutions. At least it does for me!

You’ve probably set some grand, life-changing resolutions – as well as some small, short-term ones. And if you’re anything like me, there’ll be one or two lingering resolutions that you never managed to achieve before.

Resolutions are ambitious (that’s why they’re called resolutions) but let me share what’s worked for me in the past – and why.

First, I’ll rewind and give a little background. My name’s Fiona. I’m 27, I grew up in Manchester in the UK, and I’m a personal trainer and group trainer at The Fitness Village in West Lake. You’ll catch me teaching Interval Training throughout the week.

In 2019, I decided to step up my game and managed to achieve some of those decade-old lingering goals that I mentioned earlier. How?

Although there are many goals that I’m over the moon about achieving in 2019, my number one has to be quitting smoking cold turkey after an 11-year addiction. Yes, you read that right. A gym trainer with a smoking addiction. Crazy, right?

For YEARS I sat down on January 1st and wrote my goals down and ALWAYS put “QUIT SMOKING” – and yet never achieved success. So, what did I do differently in 2019? I decided to set a more realistic goal instead: Read ‘The Only Way to Quit Smoking’ by Allen Carr.

By setting this smaller, more attainable goal I felt less overwhelmed, less pressured, and actually read the book with no grand expectations for myself. And the result? I actually quit smoking!

So, my point is: Rather than setting an end goal, try thinking about how you’re going to get there. And then set goals that focus on the journey rather than the end result. This small change in mindset can give you long-lasting results – and also help you get there in a more enjoyable way.  

For example:

- You want to run a half-marathon. Instead of setting that end goal, aim to go running once, twice, or three times a week. Also think about joining a free, organized run, like the ones we do at The Fitness Village. If you stick to those journey goals, I promise that a half marathon is going to look a lot more achievable by the second half of the year.

- You want to lose 5kg. Set your goal to join a gym, attend some classes to see what kind of exercise you like, and learn more about nutrition. Don’t keep jumping on the scales. Set yourself a journey goal of getting into the routine of going to the gym, and only then start thinking about your weight.

My list of examples could go on, but I think you get the picture. But I’ll conclude with the point that mindset is everything! Go about things the correct way – and with the correct guidance – and you can truly achieve anything you put your mind to.  

So, if you are still reading this, grab yourself a pen, a piece of paper and do these three things:

1.  Write down your real achievements of 2019.
2.  Think about your end goals for 2020 (but don’t write them down).
3.  Write down your journey goals of 2020.

And remember, 2020 is your year! Want to get in touch? Email me at [email protected]

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