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Taco Festival 2020

by The Tay Ho Times on 22/05/2020

Tucked away down a quiet alley, behind Tay Ho’s iconic Flower Market on Au Coll lies a humble oasis, the 100 Beer Garden — home of many events including Melting Pot and this year’s Taco Festival. 

The Taco comes from humble beginnings, perfected in Ciudad de México, made famous in Los Angeles, and now enjoyed worldwide. Although a simple food, what defines a taco is highly contested. Generally, they consist of corn or wheat tortillas, meat or vegetable fillings, garnished with condiments such as guacamole, salsa, chillies. The taco craze has crossed the Pacific to wage war on your unsuspecting tastebuds in Hanoi. Wash them down a crisp light beer and be truly tantalized in these tough times.

This year, tacos are brought to you by some of Hanoi’s best Mexican restaurants: Anita’s Cantina, NacoTaco, Corntillas and Fresh Tacos Fresh & More — and a few that aren’t known for their tacos at all, like La Veranda, Xin Free, and Chef Ben. 

Each booth will serve sumptuous tacos for herbivores and carnivores alike. And the debate over who slings the tastiest tacos in Hanoi will be decided by competition, judged by in-the-know foodies, journos and brewers: Where in Hanoi, Chao Hanoi and Overmorrow Brewing Company.

Local and foreign musicians, DJs, and Drag Queens — this year, Soul Sistas are a 5 piece vocal powerhouse, DJ Kaneda, Chris Legged-it, Aura B. Strange, The Hex and a few other artists —- showcase their talents with covers, acoustics, blues, hip hop and funky tunes. Kids frolic and dance with family pets while parents look on, relaxed, with a beverage of choice — from craft beer to cider to soft drink — in hand. 

And with the lockdown restrictions lifted, what better way to toast our newfound freedom after months of uncertainty than with a tasty taco or five?


What: Taco Festival 2020

Where: The 100 Beer Garden, 68/238 Au Co, Tay Ho

When: June 6, 11AM-11PM

Cost:  Entry 80K before 3PM, 100K after. Children under 10 free. Pets welcome. 

Tacos are priced between 40K-80K.

Program: Live music & performances starts from 2PM onwards. 

More info: facebook.com/meltingpotseries/ 

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