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Koalaland - Teaser Trailer

by The Tay Ho Times on 16/06/2020

Only a few months ago, two friends found themselves stuck on a couch in the middle of a pandemic. After watching every Rick and Morty episode available, they couldn’t decide what to watch next on Netflix. So they decided to make their own!

“Oi troi oi!” they both exclaimed, “What a great idea!” Thus, Koalaland was born.

Koalaland is a new comedy animated Sci-fi web series produced in Hanoi! Koalaland follows the adventures of Kevin to Earth and to other planets in a dimension controlled by the AI entities.

At the end of June, specifically June 26 and June 27, you are invited to attend the pre-screening premiere at Tranquil Books & Coffee and Hanoi Cider Co.  Stand a chance to win freebies and vouchers from their sponsors!

Tranquil Books & Coffee 

When:  June 26, 2020

Tickets: 60k / Ticket.  Each ticket will give you one chance in the lucky draw of the event! During the screening, there will also be fun games such as finding the illustrator/voice actors in the crowd.

For more information visit the event page:  www.facebook.com/events/2746937498928810

Hanoi Cider Co.

When:  June 27, 2020

FREE Entry and enjoy an hour of FREE-FLOW beer from 7 - 8pm. Join us for a 3-hour PARTY with live DJs and a very special guest appearance from MC EP performing "oi troi oi"!

For more information visit the event page:  www.facebook.com/events/252261822773606


Watch the Trailer Teaser here!

NOTE: This video contains explicit language and graphic images - please proceed with caution. 



About Oi Troi Oi Productions:

With every great show, there's a great production company behind it! What better way to honour the country Koalaland’s made in by forming OiTroiOi Productions. It started as an idea. Two friends - bored during the Coronavirus, wanted to watch their own animated sitcom similar to their favourite show Rick and Morty. More friends joined to support & believe in the project, making the family grow quickly & organically. OiTroiOi Productions is a family of talented artists from six nations - working to create new, epic and immersive content for the growing demand. As most animation companies are highly westernized, OiTroiOi Productions creates a channel for eastern/western fusion of comedy to laugh together!

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