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What's The Squeeze With Fuzzy Logic

by The Tay Ho Times on 20/06/2020

As we all emerge from our quarantine cocoons and begin to venture back to bars and social interactions, Fuzzy Logic has added a nostalgic hard lemonade to their well known portfolio for your tastebuds pleasure. Unlike other hard lemonades, John Lemon is easy to drink without the anxiety of a sugar migraine in the morning. The brewers have perfected the childhood recipe from mothers and sidewalk lemonade stands, creating cans of refreshing nostalgia; with the added magic of 5%ABV. 

Already a popular and recognized brewery, Fuzzy Logic was one of the first to enter Vietnam’s craft scene in 2014. Starting in the south, they now have a collection of popular beers including their Celestial Blonde, Pale Ale and the empowering Thunderslap IPA. Under the guidance of their National Sales Manager, we enjoyed a variety of samples and discovered more about their tasting notes and the alchemy intertwined with their logic. 

Up first is the Celestial Blonde, a brew that embodies Fuzzy’s principles and mission statement of approachable beer for everyone to enjoy. With a 4.7 ABV, pairing with a salad or grilled chicken fits into any easy friday night. Smooth from sip to swallow, it is made with citra hops and has a slight tropical scent. Next we cracked open the Pale Ale, Fuzzy Logic's flagship release. This beer's creation also helped with creating the brand name due to cooling experiments in a Fuzzy Logic washing machine. Over the course of six years the recipe has been perfected. The beer finishes with slight fruity flavour and a toasty maltiness, making it an excellent pairing for a charcuterie board or meat pie!  Rounding off our tasting with the peppy punch of hops, we sipped on the Thunderslap IPA. True to a west coast palette it uses three different kinds of hops and has a distinct piney finish on the tongue. 

Look for Fuzzy Logic at many of our favorite local establishments and as always, drink responsibly. 


You can find out more about Fuzzy Logic through their instagram @fuzzylogicbrewing. For any other sales or distribution questions please contact [email protected]

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