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Get a Grip: Vietaxe has Arrived

by Chelsea Gallagher on 01/07/2020

Article written by CGallagher

Calling all maple dipped and double double lovers! Have you heard what's opening today? From Toronto to Tay Ho’s backyard, Vietaxe is a new sport you gotta get a grip on! Owner Andrew Harris first came up with the idea while at his local league in Toronto, CA. Witnessing the excitement and positive community he knew he had to bring this experience to Vietnam. 

Andrew graciously opened up for us and provided a unique and educational introduction to axe throwing. He also made it his personal mission for us all to get a bullseye, or as close as possible based on our skillset. His guidance and feedback relieved any stress about safety creating an hour of fun!

A beginners tip, you don't need to throw as hard as you think. We learned your grip, keeping straight arms on release and axe rotation is what will get you a bullseye! Andrew was great at figuring out how far back you need to throw and incredibly patient. Each axe court is protected with wire fencing, and it is against club rules to retrieve an axe while your neighbor is throwing.

Vietaxe is situated at An Duong Tennis Courts. The space is built on top of a tennis court that was set to be rezoned for parking. Each board has been hand painted and the location is licensed with a range of beers and non-alcoholic drinks. Safety is their priority in a sport that involves throwing weapons and not something participants should take lightly. You do have to wear closed toe shoes when on site. As mentioned, there is a bar on site but drinking will be regulated and  outlandish behaviour will not be tolerated if it jeopardizes anyones experience or health.

Celebrate with Vietaxe at their opening day party! Discounted rate of 150k per hour per person & free shot for Canadians who show their CA ID!

Andrew Harris is the owner of Vietaxe and can be reached through Facebook. Opening hours currently are 5-10pm.
FB Vietaxe
IG @vietaxehanoi

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