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Gear Up & Drive In: An Introduction To The Co-Working Space Machine House

by Chelsea Gallagher on 10/07/2020

Article written by CGallagher

Tucked away and producing a mutualism relationship with the local community, operates Machine House. A well oiled and generous workspace that as a collective community provides education, affordable drinks and one of the best burgers in Hanoi. They opened their doors May 23rd, but they’re already riding an upwards trajectory of success and have a loyal customer base. 

Owners Andrew and Eddie have blended their diverse backgrounds and passions of motorcycles and community development, to hatch a project unlike any other. At its core, Machine House is a co-working space where drivers can come to rent out workstations for a couple hours, days or a month. Their original business model and vision was to “build a business and local hangout that benefits the community, and motorcycle enthusiasts. A place to share, build and develop knowledge for new and experienced motorcyclists alike.” They have successfully brought this vision to life, owning a working space for new and experienced drivers alike. Every rented section comes equipped with a toolbox packed with everything you’ll need for basic or more intense projects; the back of the workshop also has a wash station so you can leave your mistakes down the drain and drive off clean into the sunset. This is a space to tinker, to get your hands into the grease, make mistakes and then learn how to do it correctly. It’s a chance where the tasks you’ll be taught will become a valuable life skill during your time living in this country, and introduce you to a network of people with the same passion and excitement! 

The space also houses Mischief Mayhem (@mischief_mayhem_burgers), and the Laughing Goat Flash Artist. When you enter on your right, you’ll find a bar and pool table with drinks ranging from FREE* to 60K. The atmosphere is immediately welcoming, as if you have arrived late to a family barbeque with friends gathered around tables chatting and listening to rocking tunes. Refusing to be in a box, even the stereo varies from Disco to Metallica, and the occasional live band performance. As Andrew & Eddie will tell you, they “wanted it to be more of a place we would hang out at.”  Investing in their customer satisfaction becomes second nature, and they'll sit and chat creating a stronger motorcycle community.

Future plans include continuing to support the local artist community. Currently the walls feature two bright colorful pieces from local artists. With plans to hold even more original work, the space rarely stays the same longer than a week. Within the local bike community, it's a welcome pit stop between mechanics and hitting the road. Instead of trial by error on highways, you have a collective dedicated to learning and evolving as bike owners. Every weekend Machine House & Namduro 250 (@namduro250 FB & IG) rotate hosting free workshops. If you are interested in observing it is free of charge but please contact to reserve a space if you are getting into the action.


Machine House is owned and operated by Andrew and Eddie. 
For any further questions, comments or rental inquiries contact them on Facebook or IG @machinehousehanoi.


*weekly event on Fridays, daily beers start at 10K

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