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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Pose! 

by Chelsea Gallagher on 14/07/2020

Article written by CGallagher

Clear the calendar on July 18th and get down to Desert for The RECYCLABALL hosted by WET-DRAG NIGHT. A night of acceptance, education, serving looks and opportunities for anyone to strut their stuff on the runway. But, what is a ball and why are we holding one in Hanoi?

Ball culture first originated in New York City and is an act of defiance and rebellion. It was a chance to live your fantasy and walk in categories such as Face, Realness, Body and Best Dressed. It was where the dance movement of Vogue was born, and it carved out a safe accepting space for the LGBTQ community. Going against what society dictated for class, race, fashion, or career aspirations, the ball location would be a chance to be out and proud. Unlike a drag show, a ball does not highlight one performer for entertainment. It is a chance for anyone to walk on a runway and receive scores from judges. 

These foundation blocks are still vital and necessary in 2020 and the Wet- Drag Night community is ensuring the children of this generation are not left behind. Originally created to highlight Drag Culture, Wet-Drag Night was officially founded in February 2019. With their one year celebration, the organizers decided to honor history and the trailblazer icons of the past by throwing their first ball. This second event will still focus on the core fundamentals of a ball and allow the chance to be seen, heard and respected. This ball’s categories will include Face, Sex Siren, Butch Queen First Time in Drag, Runway, Recycle Extravaganza, Baby Vogue and Waack Attack. Winners from these categories will receive a cash prize and a trophy.

In Hanoi, we have a talented group of entertainers who provide us with art that we cannot begin to grasp the work and time involved for one look. These are all queens and performers driven by passion still pursuing full time work outside of this due to the lack of acceptance and tipping culture in Vietnam. 


WET-DRAG NIGHT can be found on their facebook page
Information on The Recyclaball can be found

For further education on drag and ball culture watch 
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