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Ba Đình Đời (Ba Dinh Existence)

by The Tay Ho Times on 05/08/2020

Robin MARTY /  Mike O'KENNEDY  /  Mei Lou NGUYEN

Music / Cinematic Video 

During the quarantine, I would hang out at a shady café until late, and walk home at night through the labyrinthic alleys of my district, Ba Đình. One night after it had rained, I walked home like usual listening to music, and this one instrumental track comes up, and it clicked. I looked around, sniffed the cool air, and let myself wander through the empty streets of an uncanny maze. Bathed in unique light works, the irrational and strange architecture casts unholy shadows, and the total absence of humans is delightfully frightening.

However our world is changing faster than ever, and this rare urban construct might disappear sooner than we think. The rusty electric meters are being replaced by new shiny ones, the organic yellow street lights give place to soulless LEDs, and the old-fashioned villas give birth to aseptic apartment blocks.
After weeks of scouting the empty streets for ominous alleys and enigmatic flares, we are proud to release this tribute to the nocturnal atmosphere of the Ba Đình district.