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Ban Gioc Waterfall Vietnam - A MUST VISIT!! | North Bound Motorbike Road Trip


In today's episode we visit the famous #BanGioc Waterfall in the North of #Vietnam. Our first stop on the way to the waterfalls was Ba Be National Park. There we spent the day driving through the rice paddy fields around the beautiful lake. We explored the mountain tops by motorbike, along the way witnessing local villagers beginning preparations for Tet celebrations - the lunar new year in Vietnam. From there we made our way North up the winding mountain roads to Ban Gioc.

The journey was long, but we were rescued by a quick lunch in Cao Bang City. Tummy's full, we continued on our way to the village nestled just outside the waterfalls. We arrived at dusk, catching the last few glimpses of the beauty that awaited us the next day. Upon waking up, we wolfed down some coffee at our quaint little homestay and began our adventure to the waterfalls. At the entrance to the waterfalls two things immediately hit us; how quiet it was, and the sheer magnitude of the actual Ban Gioc Waterfalls.

Due to the holidays, the coffee shops and food stalls were closed, and the area had a slight eeriness to it. But that didn't matter! Less tourists? Yay! Beautiful scenery? Yay! We quickly found the boats along the river where a local man happily let just the two of us onto his boat for a mere 50,000 VND. The boat then took us along the river and right up to the falls.

With the mountain peaks surrounding us, and the spray of the water floating around us, it truly was a magnificent sight to behold. A feeling of calm crept into our hearts and we both reflected on how truly lucky we were. And our luck had just begun! Once off the boat, we somehow managed to stumble upon one food stall where the lady was happy to put aside her washing which was being done in the river off the edge of a bamboo raft, and make us some noodle soup. Yum!

That afternoon, with smiles on our faces, we meandered through the villages along the Chinese border, exploring every nook and cranny we could find. So is it still worth it to visit the Ban Gioc Waterfalls and its surrounding villages? Yes. A thousand times yes.