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Heal your Body, Relax your Mind

by The Tay Ho Times on 10/08/2020

This August, Viet Lotus Spa Tay Ho, brings to you little bundles of joy in the form of spa deals that will bring relaxation to the mind, body and soul. Proven to boost your mood and a general feeling of wellness, a massage releases endorphins and can help to manage stress. The medicinal properties of massages date back over 5000 years and are constantly being developed to benefit people in the modern day. 

A massage is medicine 

Massages are considered one of the oldest treatments in history. They have the power to relieve pain and muscle tension whilst reducing fatigue. A massage will stimulate lymph nodes which can reduce swelling and relax tight muscles - a must for those who like to exercise and perhaps do not tend for sore muscles. The August deal features a 30 minute back massage - your therapist will focus on your pain points and easing out any tension in those areas. 

Shave the years off, without botox 

Do you want your skin to feel younger and healthier? A massage can also do this. Is it magic? No, massages remove dead skin skills and boost the blood circulation, both resulting in brighter, younger-looking and healthier skin. Investing time into facials can activate the skin cycle and encourage your skin to look its best. Indulge in a 40 minute facial during this package and reap the benefits straight after when you leave with fresh, dewy skin. 

Leave your worries, with your shoes, at the door 

Run by Grace since 2010, Viet Lotus Spa is a classic and loyal spa to its customers. Step inside and let the warm, welcoming therapists take care of you. We go the extra mile, quite literally, with a free pick up and drop off at home service as part of this deal. We want our customers to feel ultimate relaxation so will go out of our way to provide a premium service with zero stress. 

Interested? Message Viet Lotus Spa on Facebook (facebook.com/Vietlotusspa/) to hear more - they are always happy to help, to listen and to provide our customers with the best care. 

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