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3H Home Cook - A Kitchen to Call Your Own!

by The Tay Ho Times on 28/09/2020

Written by Chelsea Gallagher

What so many foreigners miss from back home is home-cooked meals. Food created from love and shared around a table with friends and family. Your favorite recipes, curated over memories and times, that when you close your eyes, tastebuds can still recall the exact moment it was first served. 3H Home Cook is providing a solution to this nostalgia and offers a dining experience, in the center of Tay Ho, to make you feel like family.

Located on the popular Tô Ngọc Vân, 3H Home Cook gives the impression of walking into someone’s back yard. Tables and chairs are organized for groups, and even if you are sitting alone, the welcoming warmth hits in familiar gravitation. Relax and grab a cushion for your chair, and combine groups to eat with old friends and new acquaintances alike; the menu is a constant surprise and delights even the pickiest of eaters.

When the mother-daughter team, Ms Nga & Ms Ha, started this service in 2018 it was because they felt there was too much sugar being used in everyday dishes. They knew their community was far from home and loved eating local cuisine; but even when they went out, they were disappointed it didn’t taste as they expected. The solution was to open the doors to their own kitchen and prepare dishes made out of love for their neighbours. Today, they offer twenty dishes daily from Ms Ha’s cookbook. The duo knows that some dishes are always popular like, chicken and broccoli or spring rolls, and will ensure their returning customers’ favourites are prepared as well. Their recipes focus on utilizing the seasons of fresh produce and limiting the use of salt & oil. They prefer to cook with palm sugar, and even just that small change makes a big impact!

They didn’t want to stop with the daily offerings and are also available to do catering for small and big events and meal planning. Ms. Nga is excited to get more attention to meal planning as she realizes how important healthy eating is to so many local residents and foreigners. It is a struggle to maintain a work out routine, and with her services, you won’t have to worry about protein-based meals after or before a workout. Regardless of which gym you attend, if you show your membership she will create a weekly meal plan for you that is available every day for dine-in or take out. It would be a simple pick up and go or sit down and chow down with no stress of preparation or clean up.

The future is bright for this entrepreneurial family. They have partnered with local organic brands and stock honey, cantaloupe wine, and a variety of soaps and shampoo in-store. They also hope in the future to start weekly cooking classes. Eating healthy should be a top priority for everyone but the process should be stress-free. Let this dynamic duo lead the way in your kitchens, and help keep your mind, body, and soul rejuvenated on a balanced diet.

For all inquiries or questions please contact Ms Nga on Facebook or by phone.

56 To Ngoc Van Street, Tay Ho
Phone: 0947689555

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