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L is for Lager

by The Tay Ho Times on 24/02/2021

Written by Chelsea Gallagher

As Hanoi craft beer enthusiasts prepare for a Fuzzy February, let’s expand your logic on one of our core beers: the Craft Lager! Since 2019 the Craft Lager has broadened Fuzzy Logic’s range with its well-balanced, crisp and clean taste. A lager is an easy first step into the craft experience and, while there are many lagers on the market, Fuzzy Logic focuses on time honored traditions colliding with 21st Century flair.

Our CEO Patrick first tried a Bohemian Pilsner while in Prague in 1990. In his own words, “The lager I had was crisp and clean without any aftertaste, so different from any of the commercial lagers available.” His goal in 2019 was to bring that old world style and taste to Vietnam, and we think you’ll taste this memory in every sip! A key part of making this beer is the ingredients. The hops used are none other than Magnum Hallertau and Czech Saaz, the same ones found in Prague and other European brewing styles. Saaz hops are described as more of an aromatic hop and excited patrons will catch a hint on the nose from their first sip.

This lager pours from simplicity delivering their best results with a key focus on high standards. As you raise a glass to the Lunar New Year, feel confident that every sip blends wisdom and celebrates new age panache! The Craft Lager finishes clean with a medium mouth taste and a low IBU of 18%.

In his own words, the Fuzzy Logic head brewer Jeff has the following thoughts on Lagers available, and how Fuzzy Logic competes in the market. “We are inundated with the large, macro lager beers that are filled with ingredients like simple syrups, rice, hop extracts and other adjuncts that are a far cry from the original lagers of Europe. We wanted to make a simple, but precise 100% malted barley lager that pays tribute to the original lagers.”

Enjoy a pint of our Craft Lager at Container Beer’s new location and now on tap at Los Fuegos. At Container Beer, enjoy our recommended pairing of Lager with the dish ‘Dancing Lady’ and experience scrumptious juicy frog; a local treat in Vietnam! The Fuzzy family is always working hard to provide more exciting promotions and fresh flavors. Watch this space and see what we’ve got brewing for the year of the Ox! Keep reading the Tay Ho Times and be ready for Fuzzy Fun In 2021!