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Catch The Light - ‘Suspended In A Sunbeam Music Festival’

by The Tay Ho Times on 09/03/2021

Get All The Details On The Upcoming ‘Suspended In A Sunbeam Music Festival’

Written by Chelsea Gallagher

The innovative genius behind ‘Suspended In A Sunbeam Music Festival’ wants to light a match and fuel your creative potential. As we exit a year of isolation and lack of artistic expression, this boutique gathering will allow those attending to tap back into their power, and breathe new life into their creative projects or personal development. Ranging from musical, comedic, thespian and illustration, what you bring to the space is your responsibility and will only illuminate your weekend experience.

This festival will be a merging of collective artistic spirit focused on encouraging future participants to stretch, bend and merge their reality and community responsibility; while in a safe space. The team’s passion radiates when discussing the future of music festivals in Vietnam and they view their friendship and collaboration as a serendipitous meeting, floating in their galaxies together and garnering mutual success and celebration of an industry that lost a year while the earth stood still.

Responsible for stretching molecules into new dimensions and realizing the limitless potential being held within our fingertips is the team of Adam, Kerttu and Holland, working passionately in the event industry to plant what they hope will sprout a new flower in the Vietnam music and festival experience. Prepare to absorb the tasty morsels of their future vision and get ready to be saturated at their upcoming showcase, tentatively May 7-9th.

If you decide to check out this phenomenal event here’s what you will have in store. From Friday night with a fire party and one main stage available for attendees just to decompress from their week; to Saturday with yoga, coffee making workshops, live music on one stage and DJ’s on another, the choices and options feel endless. This weekend will not just focus on listening to one type of music, but will blend together creative outlets including comedy, writing, improv, self-expression and visual stimulations with artistic installations and changes to the physical environment. When you walk into the space you should feel liberated to express and explore, and the ability to tap in with your fellow artists and aesthete. The brains behind the beam know that festivals tend to have a certain reputation and want to guarantee the safety of all those who attend with on site medics and provide a range of activities that already feel like a weekend retreat instead of your standard music festival experience.

The creators want to applaud Vietnam for all the work it has done to keep residents safe this past year, and especially now with the latest outbreak of the Covid-19 virus. This festival will not move forward if it is still unsafe or events are still not allowed. The group understands that it is humbling to even be able to plan something to this extent while in some countries lockdowns have never lifted. They only want to express joy and gratitude to the community and will put the safety of all in the front of their minds and plans.

Tay Ho Times residents and readers, mark your calendars now and watch this space for more information on a weekend that will be liberating and fulfilling to all your creative desires. You can also follow ‘Suspended In A Sunbeam’ facebook page for real-time updates and vendor reveals!