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Making Waves

by The Tay Ho Times on 21/03/2021

There are 2 very different waves in Vietnam’s craft beer community at the moment; both tsunamis in their own right.

First comes the breaking news of Hoprizon Brewing Co.’s impending launch (mid- March) of Vietnam’s very first alcohol-free (AF) craft beer, Sóng Xanh Pale Lager. The definition AF covers anything < 0.5% ABV and the past year, in particular, has witnessed a huge global increase in the consumption of zero and low alcohol beers, sales more than doubling in some national markets.

The AF fare in Vietnam has been pretty spartan to date with Heineken’s 0.0% doing little to win over converts to the cause. More recently Saigon-based Sagota launched their own AF option, an innocuous lager at a good price-point, joined on the AF menu by imported brews from Warsteiner (Germany) and Baltika (Russia).

Whether it be for health or safety reasons, the threat of drunken behaviour exposed on rampant social media, a movement towards more casual leisure and social occasions during Coronadays, or simply a personal choice, AF offers a beer without (potentially) unwanted side effects, allowing you to cut back without the risk of FOMO!

Meanwhile, another HCMC brewery, Seefahrer Premium Beer, recently launched 2 beers named after the island archipelagos of Hoàng Sa (Paracel Islands) and Trường Sa (Spratley Islands). A craft beer brand with strong maritime connections, Seefahrer self-proclaim their beers are “for beer lovers, and for everyone who has a romantic heart, free soul, and brave spirit like men never fearful of waves”. They have certainly made waves with this product launch which is destined to bring the ongoing land disputes between Vietnam and China to the craft beer table.

“We made these two beers because we have patriotism,” a Seefahrer marketing executive said. Hmm, who says branding doesn’t sell beer?

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Sóng Xanh Pale Lager - ABV 0% :: IBU 28

A lemongrass aroma and lime flavour, all naturally infused during fermentation.

Hoàng Sa Golden Ale - ABV 4.9% :: IBU 18

A rich lager with moderate bitterness and a mild taste that is easy-to-drink, suitable for any occasion.

Trường Sa Trappist Ale - ABV 5.3% :: IBU 25

Fragrant aroma with a fruit flavour and an authentic German taste.


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