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We Can See It In The Horizon! Tay Ho, Get Ready For A Weekend You Will Never Forget!

by The Tay Ho Times on 15/04/2021

Westlake is buzzing with details on the upcoming Suspended In A Sunbeam Boutique Festival! With an action-packed music lineup featuring local DJs and bands, attendees are getting a weekend they will never forget! SiaS organizers started this event with the promise of bringing together the artistic collective living in Hanoi. They have curated a weekend and venue that puts YOU first with comfort and location. Now being held in Ha Giang reserve, be prepared for views that promise to make Instagram followers jealous, and refreshing waterfalls to refresh all festival light beams. The team is setting the sensory experience bar high for the weekend and want art to be more than audible. It should become a physical pull, a tangible forest of edible creativity soaking into your skin for 48 hours. Glistening in the distant future, get all the finalized details right here and get blinded by the sun!

Feel The Bass With Music Acts That Sparkle 
Enhance your weekend with sets from Hanoi’s top DJs and music tribes. With two stages dedicated to musical talent, an audible range will soar into the trees and nature surrounding SIAS boutique. 
On the Pale Blue Stage, feel the bass and be entranced by Defused Mood, Deep Lake & Hanoi Hi-Fi. Bringing talented minds including Bignuts, Barke, Ouissam - Tobes and Zar Zuu 
Into your eardrums and memory for life. 
On the Sunbeam Stage, celebrate the musicians in the Hanoi scene including Magindara, The Gratoners and Las Boyamas. Listen to your favorites while discovering something that was in your backyard the entire time. 
Embrace The Shine of Artistic Creators
Bringing together artists, thespians and many different brands of creativity, the following vendors will expand your mind to new heights and beauty. Over the weekend guests can participate in the following workshops.
Real Talk Philosophy: A multi-sensory discussion on topics touching the soul. Groups will come together and break out into clusters to connect with new and old wisdom alike. With a combination of visual aids, your mentality promises to be ignited with new visions and perspectives.
Brew Ha Ha: Get prepared to giggle and ride a dopamine wave with the Brew Ha Ha comedians performing with their teams in rules only the audience knows! Everyone is a winner with comedic talent that doesn’t quit and refreshing beverages to quench your giggles. 
Yoga Out Loud: Align your chakras while getting lost into the deep house beats. Follow your pulse and breath as you open your mind, body and soul into a rewarding and relaxing experience. 
First Time Actor Troupe Performance: Presented by local actors from Hanoi, experience Shakespere’s ‘Twelfth Night’ unlike any other stage.
Hanoi Fire Collective: The weekend will sizzle and scorch with multiple coordinated performances. You will also have a chance to try a workshop and be ignited with freestyle acts. 
Intro To Crypto: Examine both sides of the bitcoin with an informative q&a lecture led by Leon Acosta.
Waifs & Strays Poetry: Listen and participate in a spoken word experience featuring poetry, rap, monologues, and even a cappella!

Blinded By The Possibilities - Travel and Accommodation Q&A
A recent venue change has guaranteed a lush surrounding to soak up the festivals possibilities! It has also guaranteed more market space and if you are a vendor looking to participate please contact SIAS collective through Facebook or [email protected] . We are interested in connecting with vendors focused on jewelry, clothing, or any creative niche that aligns with our message and community. 
For traveling to the festival participants and have four different options starting with a midnight Thursday bus, three options Friday and a Saturday morning option. Multiple busses will all leave to return to Hanoi at 2pm on Sunday. With specialized touches to make the ride there and back smooth, meet like-minded sparkling souls and start your experience with confidence. 
Accommodation promises to be comfortable and private rooms are nearly all gone! If you need accommodation consideration please contact our team asap! If you want to connect with nature on your own terms and have a tent, for an additional 200k there will be a designated camp zone. 

The collective behind this amazing weekend is taking your comfort and experience into every decision and detail. The minute your weekend begins it promises to be rays of positivity and creative avenues we have paused. Embrace your glow and shine on with us at Suspended In A Sunbeam boutique music festival! 

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