Food & Beverage

If you like beer, be sure to try Turtle Lake Brewing Company for locally brewed beer or The Bottle Shop for the best selection of local and international craft beers and cider. The Republic is your go to sports bar with a great selection of western food and drinks. Stop by Rosas for amazing Italian inspired dining, Pizza Belga for delicious wood-fired pizza, Chops for the best selection of burgers and Moose & Roo for mouth-watering smoked meats.

If you are looking for a place to keep you entertained, HRC and The Doors are the best places to go for regular gigs and events. The Kneipe German bar is another great place for music and karaoke with a great selection of German food and beer. The Summit Bar, and 6 Degrees are perfect if you’re looking to enjoy a wide range of cocktails with panoramic views of Tay Ho Lake and Hanoi.

Whilst in Hanoi, make sure you try some of Vietnam’s most loved dishes. Northern Vietnamese dishes are very different from southern and central food, such as Buch Cha (tried and tested by Anthony Bourdain and Obama), Pho (the soup, the rolls, the stir-fried and the deep-fried), Banh Mi and Hanoi Fried Spring Rolls.

The area to the south side of West Lake is the place to go for seafood bites with a whole street of seafood restaurants available to choose from. Stop by Truc Bach island for the best Pho Cuon, and be sure to head to Chicken Street for delicious chicken BBQ!