About Melting Pot Hanoi

Melting Pot was created by a foodie -- Anastasia, who’s been living in Hanoi for a little over a year and craved the diversity of food. Coming from diversed cultural background and wanting to share her passion & love for food, she wanted to bring food market scene to Hanoi. The very first Melting Pot Food Fest was on September 10th at the Westlake Mini Golf -- mini version, a five hour event with only 5 food vendors and 130 attendees, fast foward to September 30th (second event) a 12 hour event, 15 vendors representing 14 countries and over 750 attendees. Melting Pot Food Fest is a monthly food fair and also a platform for caterers, small start-ups / restaurants & people who love cooking to showcase their talent and passion through food.

A perfect day out with family and friends, filled with delicious food, live music & performances. With this great success, it only motivates Anastasia to do more, stay tuned for more yummy food fests!


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