About Hanoi Rock City

Hanoi Rock City (HRC) is not just a live music venue, it’s a cultural space for projects and installations, as well as regular gigs and events, a home to diverse Music – Arts – Culture which inspire people and connect our communities.

HRC was created by 4 founders who had lived and studied in England before – one of the greatest music country in the world - they share one thing in common: they love art, music and culture in general and would want to do something with the music scene, the art and everything that’s going on in Hanoi. There’s all this amazing music and art which needs a place to go, it might be new music, it might be niche music but it deserves to be seen and heard. Socially, culturally, creatively, we need venues, therefore HRC was officially launched in 2010.

This venue is a cultural space for both Vietnamese and Foreign musicians, artists, curators to meet up, share or collaborate with new ideas. It’s also a place for the Vietnamese young artists to start out, to perform and improve, to write their own music, to do their own art and a place for them to express themselves, to get a taste of what it would be like to live as a full time musician. It’s also a good environment for a cultural exchange between Vietnamese and Foreign artists as well as audience.

We don’t showcase events that focus on particular genre, so you will find at HRC that our events are ranging from every genre of music, from indie to heavy metal, dubsteb, electronic, swing jazz… from comedy shows, to talk shows, exhibitions. When we’re choosing which artists that we would want to work with, whether they are international artists or Vietnamese artists, the thing that we are most intereted in is working with people who have a positive attitude toward music, and if an artists is commited to the music, if they’re passionate, if they are serious about the idea of sharing, giving and connecting with people through music, art and culture.

27/52 Tô Ngọc Vân, Hanoi

098 321 98 18



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