About Aloud Branding & Consulting

Who we are:

At ALOUD Branding & Consulting we help clients find and define their brand identity and voice, no matter how subtle and unique, or bold and daring it may be.

Our core services include research, strategy, design, content creation, promotion and management to help accelerate business growth for newly emerging or established brands alike.

This leads us to a weirdly wonderful mix of projects and clients- with no endeavor too big or too small. Our work explores all that connects brands and customers with a holistic, hands-on approach. At ALOUD, we strongly believe this diversity and in-depth involvement helps us to innovate and push boundaries with the right mix of logic, structure, creativity and fun.

What we do:

Our services are broken down into 4 conceptual categories with custom packaging for each and every client based on individual needs:


    • Put simply... We help you win. We create distinctive and authentic brand strategies and implementation programs that help our clients grow, retain, engage, and differentiate.

    • We have a passion for creative thinking & high-quality artistry that is grounded in making a real impact. We connect talented creators with in-demand brands and deliver carefully considered and well executed content that helps define your brand and helps build your artistic portfolio.

    • We believe that good design is all about the finer details & hinges on the right balance of consistency and creativity. We can help you create a visual identity that perfectly articulates what your brand wants to say.

    • Determining a clear sense of direction and purpose for each project is key to achieving goals. We're often told our approach is unique and sets us apart... but to us it's second nature. Being curious-minded at the core, we like to get down and dirty "in the trenches" before putting pen to paper. We have found that this strategy helps structure creativity, and inevitably leads to your success.

Where We Operate:

ALOUD   team members are profoundly inquisitive at heart, so put simply... ANYWHERE! While our main headquarters is based in Hanoi, Vietnam, our network spans the globe and our operational options are unlimited.

How to start your journey:

Now the ball is in your court... To learn more please don't hesitate to contact us. We can't wait to hear from you soon!


Tay Ho, Hanoi

082 768 3703

[email protected]



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