About The Rolling Panda

A big thanks to the Tay Ho Times for publishing our articles and hopefully helping you discovering some fantastic places in Vietnam!

Binh and I spend two years of our lives and all our savings to create The Rolling Panda, (we believe) the most comprehensive independent travel website in Vietnam.

It was, and still is, one of the most amazing experiences and challenges we put ourselves into.

Our travel website covers 22 cities, with more than 500 reviews of hotels, restaurants, cafes, activities, shopping... 

We made it with all our hearts and passion, intending to help tourists (and ex-pats) in Vietnam to find all the information needed while traveling in this wonderful country. We did our best to find the best places for different budgets and interests in hospitality, food & beverage, and travel.

Due to COVID 19, The Rolling Panda has not been published and is on pause for now. We hope to resume our reviews and launch it as soon as the situation gets better.

We hope our articles published in the Tay Ho Times will give you useful information, and help you travel better.

Love from Binh & Fred.

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