About Swing Dance Academy Lindy MAD Hanoi

This is a space where the passion for Swing Dance, Lindy Hop in particular, is brewed and spread, among dancers in Hanoi, and right there where you are!

We are two dedicated swing dancers in Hanoi who want to share our madness for Lindy Hop with others and create more joy around us through the dance. When we are not practicing, we are watching swing dance videos, listening to swing music, dreaming about new swing dance moves and parties..so here we go with some more swing dance action!

In addition to sharing our journey as dancers and information of interest to swing dancers, we also organize Swing Dance - Lindy Hop classes, social dances and performances. Please check our Events section for updates! In this way, we can grow together, for even more dances. We also invite you to get in touch with us for any need or idea - we will try our best to accommodate and cherish. We look forward to engaging with you and improving continuously as dancers, bloggers, musical human beings!

14 Ngô Quyền, Hanoi

096 159 04 02

[email protected]


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